What We Believe...

  • Health is not merely the absence of symptoms.

  • There is an awesome, exhaust-less, and highly intelligent "powerhouse" residing in every individual's brain.

  • This "power" is sufficient unto every person's needs - IF there is a free flow of this power.

  • Sickness or disease can exist anywhere, in any organ, in any manner -- if and when the free flow of "power" between brain and body is interfered with.

  • Your overall posture is important.

  • A twisted, distorted, abnormally positioned spinal vertebra potentially puts a choking pressure on essential nerves thus reducing energy flow.

  • The consequence of this choking pressure is diminished body function and eventually disease.

  • A chiropractic spinal adjustment corrects vertebral misalignment (subluxation) thus allowing the body to heal itself.

  • No chiropractor, no doctor, anywhere, ever healed anyone of any illness. The body does the healing.

  • Proper diet, exercise, and a moderate lifestyle are also essential to health.

  • It is responsibility of each individual to assume the responsibility for their own health care.

  • Potions and drugs merely mask symptoms.

K&S Chiropractic Clinic

"Combined, our doctors offer a variety of Adjusting Techniques -- including a no "twisting", no "cracking", and no "popping" of the joints option."

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